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Emma & Michelle

Emma and Michelle are first class chillers. Seriously, everything went wrong for these love birds, from the ceremony venue double booking, to the reception venue just closing with no communication... even a global pandemic hit! But amidst all of this chaos... it was always going to be this day... whatever that looked like. See what they had to say:

Finding your wedding dress:

Emma - "To be honest I actually has my wedding dress for about 6 years. I almost got married once and it was just too perfect to waste (I mean, look at it!). It was never worn or even tried on".

Michelle - "It took me a long time and a bit of a battle in my mind before I decided on wearing a suit. We had been eyeing off the company Shane Ave for quite sometime and decided it was the perfect time to bite the bullet and order the suit and it was magnificent".

Favourite detail:

"Our favourite detail was the intimacy and the array of emotions. It was the perfect amount of the right people".

Biggest obstacle:

"To be honest, there were a lot of obstacles between the pandemic and issues with the venue but I think the hardest part was coming to the realisation that there were loved ones who were just not going to be able to make it".

Your advice:

"Don't plan it during a global pandemic! Choose the vendors who you connect with the most and take the time to meet with them and get to know them. Don't set your heart on something particular because it just might end up not being the right fit".

Standout vendors:

"Our Photographer, Kellie, and our lovely Celebrant, Cheryl. You both made our day so easy but yet oh so special. We felt like family. There was so much effort, care, love and attention put into every detail. It was truly an incredible day".

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