• Kellie Guinane

Matthew + Selena

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Matt and Selena and their beautiful Agnes Waters beach wedding.

These beautiful souls made their commitments to each other in the lazy beach side town of Agnes Waters, Queensland in the pouring rain. It was so incredibly romantic!

With all their most loved gathered under the shelter of the magnificent tree that would now hold such special memories. I hopped from umbrella to umbrella to capture their day in all it's perfect glory.

We were all already soaked so we soldiered on to the Paperbark Forest to continue the romance of the day and it could not have been more beautiful. In the meantime their guests dispersed to dry themselves with whatever they could find.

When Matt and Selena arrived at their reception at the 1770 Golf Course the happy vibes continued well into the night and what a night it was!

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